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JACE Ankle A330 CPM
A revolution in post operative, post immobilization ankle therapy has begun with the introduction of the JACE A330 CPM devices for postoperative continuous mobilization of the ankle joint. JACE CPM devices are well known for their reliability and comfort, resulting in high patient compliance.

Now, a full range of motion program designed to duplicate a therapist's actions can follow the patient home, supplementing office visits with a comprehensive schedule of shoulder therapy while enabling total mobility.

The JACE Model A330 Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) system for the ankle prevents the negative effects of immobilization.

   • The axis to axis orientation of the JACE A330 ensures constant anatomical alignment whether in a sitting
      or reclining position.

    • Anatomical alignment is maintained due to its axis to axis orientation. Range-of-motion parameters are adjustable
      from: 0-20 degrees of dorsiflection and 0-40 degrees of plantar flexation.

   • The A330 was designed to enhance patient compliance and promote maximum joint mobility. Lightweight and
     simple to operate, the A330 easily adjusts to a sitting or reclining position.
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