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Electrotherapy - JACE TriStim

Three Electrotherapy Treatment Modalities In A Single Device

Tri-Stim is the first electrotherapy treatment system to provide the flexibility of three modalities in a single portable device.

Symmetrical Biphasic               Asymmetrical Biphasic               HVPC

Now for the first time, a single device can transition through all stages of rehabilitation to
better meet your patient requirements.
The Tri-Stim provides for three treatment waveforms:

      Biphasic symmetrical waveform for stimulation of larger muscle groups and range of motion.
      Biphasic asymmetrical waveform for specific motor point and small muscle group stimulation.
      Monophasic twin peak waveform for decreasing disuse atrophy reducing muscle spasms and edema reduction.


      Relaxation of muscle spasm
      Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy
      Increasing local blood circulation
      Muscle re-education
      Immediate post surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis
      Maintaining or increasing range of motion

Three Modalities In A Single, Portable Device

Dual Channel Control, Co-Contraction Mode, 3 Preset Therapy Protocols, 7 Programmable
Therapy Protocols, Security "Lock-Out" Panel

I. Flexibility & Control
Run From Standard House Current or Take It With You. Engineered to be very portable.

      AC line cord or 9v battery
      Fully digital for precise setting of treatment
      3 factory preset and seven easily programmable therapy protocols
      Co-Contraction mode for more natural stimulated movement
      Can be interfaced with CPM

II. Trimodal Capability
High Quality Enclosure Construction. Easy To Use Controls.

      High Volt Pulse Current
         A twin peak monophasic waveform decreases skin resistance for deeper therapy penetration and
         enhanced patient comfort

      Asymmetrical Biphasic Waveform (A/C: ASYM)
         A balanced universal stimulation waveform

      Symmetrical Biphasic Waveform (A/C: SYMM)
        A balanced waveform to enhance patient comfort for the stimulation of larger muscle groups

III. Digital Display
High Quality Digital LCD Display. Engineered for easy patient operation.

      Patient need only adjust intensity control
      Lock-Out feature prevents alteration of preset treatment parameters
      Dual channel operation in all treatment modes
      Compact and portable with a built-in belt clip for full mobility

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