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JACE Knee K100-A CPM

LOWER EXTREMITY CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) SYSTEM

The JACE Universal K100-A Knee CPM marks a turning point in engineering and design technology for CPM therapy. From the hospital to the home, the K100-A is easy to transport and is built to withstand rugged use. JACE's exclusive "PCS System" introduces patient comfort and safety functions that offer ultimate "peace-of-mind" for patient, therapist and physician. Easy-to-use, the K100-A features a handheld controller which directs all patient therapy operations.

Ultimate Patient Comfort

      • JACE's "PCS System" automatically adjusts the speed of the interior motor drive to maintain a "constant angular
        velocity" through all cycle operations. Prevents possible "free-fall" or sudden hyperextension characteristic of
        competitive knee CPM devices.

      • The "PCS System" instantly after 1 cycle records the exact force exerted by each patients' leg for every 16º of motion.

      • Any deviation caused by a "foreign obstacle in the path of the carriage" or "significant patient resistance" will be
       detected and the K100-A will automatically reverse cycle direction. Customized leg weight profiles are recorded for
        each patient to insure maximum protection.

      • Hours of comfort are provided with self-aligning thigh support plate.

      • Generous carriage design easily accepts prescribed braces.

      • Comfortable, extra wide foot plate.

      • Separate anatomical ankle adjustments for plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, and internal/ external rotation.

      • Self-locking adjustments insure a precise fit every time.

      • Whisper quiet operation is assured with sound absorbing, rubber motor support.
Built-in-Protection... insures safe/dependable operation for hospital and home use.

    • The K100-A's unique structural engineering eliminates the need for the tibia bar thus minimizing "anterior
       tibial translation.”

     • Gentle and fluid CPM motion is consistently maintained by JACE's PCS System. Protects against possible "Free-Fall"
       or sudden hyperextension.

    • The K100-A automatically reverses cycle direction if JACE's PCS System detects any "foreign obstacle in the path of
       the carriage" or "significant patient resistance". The pause function is inoperative during this mode.

     • Non-skid base provides stable platform for in-bed operation.

     • Low voltage operation

Convenient & Portable...built to withstand the rigors of hospital and home use.

     • Easy to transport: "balanced load" carrying handle.

     • Lightweight aluminum frame construction.

     • Impact-Resistant: Plastic housing designed to withstand the rigorous demands of home and hospital use.
       Plus it's easy to clean.

     • Bed straps are always close at hand in convenient storage compartment.

     • Superior materials and construction features: Direct motor drive, ball bearing wheels, and solid hinged housing
       insure trouble-free operation for years of use.

Easy-to-Use Handheld Controller

     • Compact, handheld design

     • Easy to set parameters: -3º to120º ROM, Adjustable Speeds

     • Built-in pause function at the end of extension and flexion cycles offer optional muscle stim capability

     • Easy to read (LCD) display indicates: Accumulated run time, Pause time

     • Extension/flexion angle limit (flashing digit indicates cycle direction)

     • Exact position of carriage is displayed throughout all cycle operations.
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