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JACE Knee K200 CPM

Introducing The Zero Machine

      • The Zero Machine is the most technologically advanced Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) System addressing
        current trends in knee rehabilitation.

      • Zero anterior tibia translation... revolutionary hip hinge design reduces stress on the surgical repair.

      • Zero or full knee extension... if prescribed.

      • Zero deviation... maintaining precise anatomical alignment through all range of motion parameters.

Bilateral Telescopic Hip Hinge creates constant center axis 8.0 inches from the great trochanter.
Knee Extension System (KES) True Anatomical Alignment

     • Knee Extension System attaches to the K200 carriage and assists with knee extension.

      • Prevents leg migration assuring accurate range of motion.

      • Zero Anterior Tibia Translation is maintained.

      • Can be used with or without a brace.

      • Protective soft good insert is provided for patients without a brace.

Knee Extension System

     • Exclusive Knee Extension System (KES) attaches to the K200 carriage and assists with knee extension.

True Anatomical Alignment

      • Telescopic Hip Hinge System maintains hip to knee axis orientation throughout all range of motion parameters.

      • Compact, bilateral design eliminates hip alignment bar, reducing setup time.

      • Even weight distribution increases device stability.

      • Easy to use Femoral Adjustment Scale.
Optional Bed Clamp System

     • Allows K200 to be secured to a traction system when required

Customized Patient Parameters

      • Functions can be customized to individual patient requirements.

      • Easy to set parameters: -3˚ to 13O˚ ROM

      • Adjustable Speed

      • Individual Pause/Force parameters for flexion and extension.

      • Timer records duration of CPM and manually resets.

      • Compatible with muscle stim.

      • Easy to read (LCD) display indicates: Accumulated run time, Pause time

      • Extension /flexion angle limit

      • Exact position of carriage is displayed throughout all cycle operations.

JACE Accessory Bag

     • Conveniently and safely stores K200 accessories.

Comfort, Safety & Compliance

      • Self-aligning Hinged Thigh Support Mechanism pivots to maintain anatomical alignment and enhance patient comfort.

      • Constant Angular Velocity is maintained, protecting against possible "Free-Fall" or sudden hyper- extension.

      • A customized patient profile determines the force necessary to reverse cycle direction.

      • Separate anatomical ankle adjustments for plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, and internal/external rotation.
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