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JACE Shoulder Chair and Bed CPM
A revolution in post operative, post immobilization shoulder therapy has begun with the introduction of the JACE Shoulder CPM devices for postoperative continuous mobilization of the shoulder joint. Available in a chair model or bed model, JACE CPM devices are well known for their reliability and comfort, resulting in high patient compliance.

Now, a full range of motion program designed to duplicate a therapist's actions can follow the patient home, supplementing office visits with a comprehensive schedule of shoulder therapy while enabling total mobility.
The JACE Shoulder Chair CPM mobilizes the shoulder joint in abduction-adduction and horizontal
ab-adduction (anteversion-retroversion). With the addition of the chair model, the JACE Shoulder
Chair CPM achieves internal and external rotation as well as elevation (forward flexion).

Each range of motion is individually adjusted according to patient tolerance providing customized
and safe therapy.

The unique design of the JACE systems allows the choice of any two planes of motion to run concurrently. The concurrent motions ensure a complete two dimensional range of motion of all articular surfaces and periarticular tissues. The ultimate in passive functional ranging.

Incorporating a comfortable, easy to clean and transport chair ensures proper patient alignment to the JACE Chair Shoulder CPM.
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